Saudi Arabia Inks REDD++ Deal With FAT

In the dynamic world of environmental innovation and high-stakes finance, a groundbreaking deal ignites a major shift towards a sustainable future. Central to this unfolding story is the collaboration of key players, each with unique expertise and vision.

The Farmers Antigua Trust (FAT), co-founded by Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Alki David, is a driving force behind this venture. Known for leading ecological and agricultural advancements in Antigua, FAT cements its dedication to sustainability and cutting-edge technology with their latest project.

The deal involves 500,000 tonnes of unique Verified Swissx REDD++ Carbon Credits, distributed annually for a decade. Verified by Carbon Core, an acclaimed Abu Dhabi-based research group, these credits stand out for being Future SAFT contracts on the SWISSX XRP blockchain. The transaction’s total value exceeds $375 million over ten years.

Abdulaziz Alhowaish and Alki David

An anonymous entity backed by Saudi investors purchases these credits, facilitated by Spring Board Ltd, a revered organization expert in connecting Sweden and the Middle East. Spring Board’s extensive network in commercial and political realms plays a key role in this significant transaction.

Abdulaziz Alhowaish of SpringBoard Saudi and Alki David of FAT close this substantial deal. Alhowaish, a University of Miami economist and psychologist, is known for his innovative foresight, evidenced by his early Bitcoin investments.

Professor Olof Olssen, a distinguished geneticist and Swissx Island co-founder, also plays a vital role. His groundbreaking work in cloning and ties with Middle Eastern leaders contribute significantly to the project’s success.

This deal, involving the sale of Blue Carbon Credits by Swissx, addresses carbon emissions critically. Carbon Core’s verification adds credibility, ensuring these credits’ monetary and environmental value.

This deal transcends financial transactions, symbolizing a commitment to forging a sustainable future through technology, finance, and ecological research.

The announcement of this deal sparks enthusiasm and hope, setting a new standard in environmental finance. It demonstrates how the right combination of expertise, innovation, and commitment can significantly contribute to preserving our planet for future generations.


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