SWISSX REDD Carbon Credits Platform Explained

Introducing the groundbreaking initiative by Farmers Antigua Trust Company: Swissx REDD Carbon Credits. Get ready to embark on a journey that not only benefits you but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable future for our planet.

Step 1: Investing in Change

Invest: Take the first step towards a sustainable future by investing in a minimum of one tonne (1 metric ton) of Swissx REDD Carbon Credits at market price. Your investment not only supports a cleaner environment but also secures your place in the forefront of sustainable change.

Round A 300% ROI

Invest in Round A: Guaranteed 300% ROI, secure capital, and automatic NFT burn if funding falls short. Our Carbon Capture Projects progress through safe Rounds A, B, and C financing as risk decreases with each milestone.

NFT Smart Contracts

Personalize your commitment to environmental preservation by choosing a unique NFT to symbolize your investment. These NFTs embed smart contracts for Verified Carbon Credit transfers, ensuring transparency and accountability in every transaction.

Annual Contracts: Rest assured that your investment is actively contributing to the environment. Swissx Carbon Credits, like all Carbon Credits, undergo rigorous real-time verification to support verified ecosystems. Your investment keeps giving year after year.

Round B 200% ROI

Round B offers investors a guaranteed 200% ROI with capital protection. Incomplete financing results in fund returns and automatic NFT burn. Our carbon capture projects progress through secure financing rounds A, B, and C, minimizing risk as they near completion.

Maximize Your Impact: As your projects grow in value, you have the opportunity to create and trade SwissX futures contracts on our SwissX REDD Marketplace. This means that not only are you supporting the environment, but you can also benefit from the potential financial growth of your investments.

Round C 100% ROI

Round C Invest in Round C for a 100% ROI with guaranteed capital and automatic NFT burn if the funding target isn’t met. As projects progress through Rounds A, B, and C, the risk decreases, ensuring a secure investment.

Step 2: Share the Success and Earn

But that’s not all! At Swissx Island, we believe in rewarding your commitment and spreading the message of sustainability. When you share your preferred Swissx REDD NFT on social media, you’ll earn $20 in Swissx tokens for each person who signs up with Swissx for free. From 300 registrations across three rounds (A, B, or C), your impact and earnings can earn up to $6,000 by just by investing in one metric ton of Verified Carbon, captured from any one of carbon capture sites.

As a member, you’ll gain exclusive access to Swissx Island’s exotic offerings. Imagine visiting the world-renowned Swissx Genetics lab, led by Professor P. Olof Olssen, an internationally distinguished geneticist. Discover the possibilities of animal cloning services and be part of groundbreaking advancements in genetics.

Furthermore, you’ll have access to unique products and services made by our excellent partners. This is your chance to explore a world of sustainable luxury

Join the Movement – Become a Valued Reseller

Invest in Swissx REDD Carbon Credits, share the message, earn rewards, and be part of a revolution in environmental conservation. Swissx REDD Works is not just an opportunity; it’s a movement towards a better world. Join us today and be a catalyst for change! go to


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