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  • The Swissx Carbon Registry called FAT (or Farmer’s Antigua Trust) is a platform that enables farmers in developing countries to earn income by generating carbon credits through sustainable farming practices. The FAT platform works by verifying and tracking carbon offsets generated by these farmers, which can then be sold to companies and organizations looking to offset their carbon emissions. By endorsing this registry, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is acknowledging the important role that such initiatives can play in mitigating climate change, while also promoting sustainable development in rural communities.
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  • Swissx Carbon Credit Offsets are endorsed by the World’s leading registry Verra in Geneva Switzerland. This ensures the quality and validity of Swissx carbon credits. By purchasing Swissx Carbon Credit Offsets, individuals and organizations can offset their carbon footprint and support initiatives that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • These projects have received support from the Independent Government of Antigua and Barbuda, as well as the United Nations Climate Change and Development Programs through the leadership of Gaston Browne. Prime Minister Browne is also the head of the Caribbean Members at the United Nations (Carico).
  • Swissx Island Sustainability Projects are initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation in various regions of the world. 
  • Swissx Sustainability Projects focus on a range of activities such as reforestation, sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and waste management, among others. These initiatives aim to create a positive impact on the environment and improve the lives of local communities.

100% EarthShield Plus HempCrete Sustainable Natural Water Power

Welcome to SwissX Malibu. This luxury, self-sustaining, Earth Shield solar-powered beach home, sits on the sandiest section of the gorgeous, exclusive, Malibu Colony Beach, with endless ocean views. The house is self powered and capable of making 380 Gallons of PH10 drinking water via reverse osmosis and state of the Earth Shield Cooling System; a revolution in energy saving and sustainability.n

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Swissx Island is in the Caribbean and a members only sustainable lifestyle club, rich with knowledge of sustainable economy embodied with natural plant medicine, music and binural color therapy for your peace of mind.