Chris Lang, known for his work with REDD Monitor, a platform focusing on issues related to Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+), has been embroiled in controversy with a defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit implicates Lang, Verra, and Diann Blacklane, an official from the Antigua Ministry of Environment, in alleged attempts to conceal fraudulent activities by attacking a well-known local leader in Green economy policy called Alki David, Green Economy Ambassador for the current Gaston Browne Government.


  • REDD Monitor: Chris Lang is the founder of REDD Monitor, a prominent platform providing analysis and critique of REDD+ projects and related initiatives worldwide.
  • Verra: Verra, formerly known as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), is an organization that sets standards for carbon emission verification and mitigation projects. It has been recognized for its role in promoting environmental integrity and sustainable development.
  • Diann Blacklane: Blacklane is described as a bureaucrat associated with the Antigua Ministry of Environment, allegedly involved in fraudulent practices.

Details of the Lawsuit:

The defamation lawsuit alleges that Lang, in collaboration with Verra and Blacklane, attempted to conceal fraudulent activities. Verra, once respected for its verification standards, is now under legal scrutiny and facing criminal sanctions due to accusations of fraud. The suit accuses Lang and Blacklane of being complicit in covering up these fraudulent practices within Verra and the Antigua Ministry of Environment.

Allegations Against Chris Lang:

  • Collaboration with Verra: Lang is accused of collaborating with Verra in attempts to cover up fraudulent activities within the organization.
  • Accusations of Misinformation: Lang, through REDD Monitor, is alleged to have disseminated misinformation or failed to report accurately on the issues related to Verra’s alleged fraudulent practices.
  • Involvement with Diann Blacklane: The lawsuit suggests that Lang worked in conjunction with Blacklane, a rogue bureaucrat from the Antigua Ministry of Environment, to conceal fraudulent activities.


  • Reputation Damage: The lawsuit has the potential to tarnish the reputation of Chris Lang and REDD Monitor, particularly if the allegations are proven true.
  • Legal Ramifications: If substantiated, the allegations could have significant legal consequences for Lang, Verra, and any other parties involved.
  • Impact on Environmental Initiatives: The controversy surrounding Verra’s alleged fraudulent practices may undermine confidence in carbon emission verification standards, potentially affecting environmental initiatives and sustainability efforts worldwide.


The defamation lawsuit against Chris Lang, involving allegations of collaboration with Verra and Diann Blacklane to conceal fraudulent activities, raises serious concerns about integrity within environmental verification systems. The outcome of this legal battle will not only affect the reputations of the individuals and organizations involved but also have broader implications for environmental initiatives and the credibility of carbon emission verification standards.


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